The Wonder Down Under: A User’s Guide to the Vagina – Nina Brochmann & Ellen Stokken Dahl

Norwegian title: Gleden med skjeden


Hi book lovers!

The body is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? What’s even more wonderful is learning whole new things about this wonder you walk around in. For me, the vagina has always been a body part that is there doing its thing as long as I take proper care of it. We’ve happily coexisted this way if you can put it like that but it’s always good to learn more about the body and believe me, I learned a lot of new stuff from this book! The synopsis is borrowed from Amazon:

The Wonder Down Under explains everything you ever wanted to know about the vagina but didn’t dare ask. Learn the truth about the clitoris’ inner life, the menstrual hormone dance and whether the vaginal orgasm really exists. The book helps you understand how different types of contraception work in the body, what a «normal» vulva looks like, and how wearing socks can change your sex life.

Medical students and sex educators Nina Brochmann and Ellen Stokken Dahl draw on their medical expertise to bring vagina enlightenment to the world. Their no-nonsense approach, written with great humor, makes this a must-read for women (and men!) of all ages.

Say goodbye to the myths and misconceptions surrounding female anatomy, this is a timely and empowering book that will inspire women to make informed choices about their sexual health.

The vagina. A fairly common aspect of the female body yet not that much spoken about unless there’s something wrong with it or apparently wrong with it. This book takes on several topics concerning the vagina like the anatomy of the vagina, menstruation cycles, birth control, and myths related to the vagina. I think the vagina is a mystery to many women out there. Thankfully I haven’t had a complicated relationship to my own although I got the impression through the book that this is somewhat common amongst girls. My mother has always done a very good job when it comes to conversations about ‘female problems’ as they used to be called, and I think it is important that girls all over are shown that it is ok to talk about the vagina. Yes, you can Google yourself to a whole lot of answers but our DNA and heritage also have something to do with how we develop. Hence, your girlfriend might get her period several years before you do and this is perfectly normal! I remember I felt that I was super early in getting my period but that’s how humans function. We’re all different and I think this book is very good at getting that message out to its reader. Even the illustrations are pointing this out. Further, I think the media also play a part in how society views the vagina. This is a very big discussion topic and I won’t start a whole rant about it but I believe that porn, plastic surgery, the internet in general, and influencers (this is also a whole other discussion) all have platforms where viewpoints and opinions are thrown about and I think we have an obligation to ourselves, female and male, to normalize the difference between women and the look of their vaginas. This book is a wonderful starting point if you’re curious and I believe it makes a great contribution to this normalization and understanding of the vagina.

This book points out societal issues related to the vagina whilst also educating the reader about its many aspects. There were quite a few things I did not know which just comes to show that we need a book such as this. The illustrations and language were also hilarious! For me that helped to render the topic a little bit more harmless than what I expected when I started the book. This is not a medical book for medical students although I believe it could make studying a whole lot more fun than a normal textbook would do. This is a book for ‘normal people’ (what is normal anyway?) who wonder what wonder they have between their legs. It’s nicely balanced between the vagina basics and more advanced knowledge so I’d like to say it’s suitable for everyone at different stages in their lives. This book further takes on certain myths about the vagina, like the hymen. I remember there was such a fuss about this when I was in secondary school and high school so it was nice to have that one sorted out 10 years afterward. Its never too late I suppose haha.

I laughed quite a bit through this book and I also learned a whole lot. Curious about what wonders you have between your legs? This is the book. Can’t figure out how to explain this whole vagina thing to your daughter? This is the book. Do you feel like you and your girlfriends look differently down there? This is the book. Learning made fun in short.

Published: 2017

Genre: Nonfiction

Theme: Vagina, science, health, sexuality

– The Book Reader


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