Fabian Risk 3: Eighteen below – Stefan Ahnhem

Norwegian title: Atten grader minus

Hi friends,

I need 8 arms haha. During COVID I learned to knit. At least beyond the scarf level and now I’m hooked. However, if I’m knitting I can’t read. Well, I could do audiobooks but I have books I want to physically read and this book I’m writing about today is one of those books. The synopsis is borrowed from Amazon:


The police chase a speeding car through the streets of Helsingborg. When they reach the bridge, the driver keeps going straight into the cold, dark waters of the Öresund strait.


The body recovered from the wreck is that of Peter Brise, one of the city’s richest tech entrepreneurs. Fabian Risk and his team are confident this is suicide. Young, rich, successful―Brise just didn’t know how to ask for help.


But then the autopsy reveals something unexpected. Brise was already dead when his car crashed. He’d been brutally murdered two months ago. His body was frozen in perfect condition, at eighteen degrees below zero…Something doesn’t match up. And when a string of other odd murders and unusual behaviour come to light in the area, Fabian Risk takes the case.

At some point, Ahnhem will give me a heart attack or a blood clot if he continues this terribly exciting writing style….We are again thrown into action with our favourite Swedish detective. This is the most chilling book so far about Fabian Risk in my opinion and I LOVED the plot! Finally, Ahnhem is moving Fabian onto the track I’ve been hoping for – a story which clearly connects to its coming books. In many ways, I suppose you can say that the books until now have been connected. At least they make more sense if you’ve read the series from the start. This is the third book about Fabian and we are getting more familiar with his world. I enjoy Ahnhem’s ability to build Fabian’s surroundings, both the past and the present. Snippets from previous books are reused and this gives me a sense of familiarity and I enjoy that!

Fabian develops even further as a character and I love that we get to see him in daily life situations like being a parent. Theodor is experiencing some trouble after the events in book 2 and I think this is also a very interesting character development. Ahnhem describes Theodor in a very realistic manner and there is a clear connecting between Theodor’s actions and being which I feel that not all crime authors are able to portray. This plays even further into the world Ahnhem is building around Fabian in my opinion it makes it more wholesome. In Denmark Dunja Hougaard is also developing. I like her feisty personality and that she also has some vulnerable sides. Further, if I wanted to strangle her previous boss earlier I can assure you I’d like to even more after reading this book. It’s always exciting when authors evoke these feelings in you whilst reading because you become so connected to the story. In many ways on a different level if you read stand alone books.

This book ended on such a cliffhanger that I had my sister-in-law bring the next book with her to France where we were on holiday together, haha. I’m so glad I didn’t have to wait for it to come out. That would have been such a drag! If you haven’t started the series about Fabian Risk yet I really believe you should and if you need an extra push to be sure you can check out Malin, or Readygoread, on Instagram.

Published: 2017

Genre: Crime

Theme: Murder, mystery, family, secrets

– The Book Reader


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