Trading Secrets – Rachael Eckles

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Today I’m bringing you a combination of psychological thriller and romance. I was a bit skeptical when I started this read. Romance books is something I have to be in the mood for, and I prefer to choose them myself. Then I was really intrigued by the book and it flew by until almost the very end. The synopsis is borrowed from Goodreads:

Celeste Donovan, a high-powered finance executive, seems to have it all–the penthouse apartment, the supermodel physique with a mathematician mind, and a trail of beautiful men she has loved and left behind. But when her boyfriend Theodore is killed in a mysterious accident, she suspects Omar, her abusive ex who has been keeping tabs on her, is behind his death.

Now she’s caught in a game of cat and mouse, trying to anticipate Omar’s next move, as she realizes he will stop at nothing to get to her. She sets out alone on a whirlwind journey to entrap him, determined to put an end to his destruction.

Soon Celeste is thrust in the middle of the largest financial scandal in decades. This time, however, she suspects powerful government officials are in bed with some of the world’s most dangerous men. When she discovers that those she thought she knew best are involved in a secret society warring with Omar and his coconspirators, she must decide how far she is willing to go to avenge Theodore’s death and whether she is willing to risk her own life to save everyone she loves.

Trading Secrets may deceive you in the beginning. When I picked it up I was quite unsure what I thought about it at first but then I got more into the story and realized that it had more to it than glam and romance. I’m not that familiar with the finance world, I’m not good with numbers or how they behave, so in such sense this was an interesting book. Trust me, Wall Street is a building to me and I fell asleep three times during The Wolf of Wall Street last time I attempted to watch it. However, I find the finance world interesting because there is such powerful forces within it which can affect so much around the world. Eckles doesn’t go into too many details about this world and in many ways I’m happy about that since its only forming a backdrop and a setting for the whole story. It seems like the finance world is a great place for scheming though if we are to believe this story! I also enjoyed that the story had quite a good drive. Since my last read was kinda slow-building it was nice to read a book with a bit more action and plot twists, and trust me these plot twists are everywhere in different shapes and sizes. However, one of them completely ruined the ending for me. Enough to bump it down a star in my personal opinion. I was so curious how the book was going to end and I really rooted for the ending I believed would happen and then pooooof! Oh well, you can’t have it all, and I have a very strong feeling that majority is going to disagree with me on this point, haha, but you’ll get no spoilers from me!

Characters, oh do I love some good characters, of which there is plenty in this book! Celeste, our female lead, is my absolute favorite! In another life, if I had more financial sense, I would love to be her and have her lifestyle but it also seems quite tiresome at times. I love her personality, she has many traits that I would love to have, and that she doesn’t want to be experienced as some damsel in distress. Her character changes quite a bit during the story and I believe this is a very realistic change considering the events she goes through. I always enjoy a ‘realistic’ change in characters. Sometimes they’re just way off but I think Eckles really nailed this one! Theodore, our prince charming, is hm. Well I don’t really know what I feel about him. He is a good guy and sounds dreamy, again in another life, but he just feels too perfect if you guys understand what I mean? I’ve never been the girl who swoons over Zac Efron or Channing Tatum. Yes, they’re handsome, and they’re probably great people but they’re people. What I enjoy most about my fiance is that he and I both have our things that doesn’t make us perfect but we work it out together. However, Theodore do have many great qualities and he is a great addition to the story! Finally you have the solid bunch of friends Celeste surrounds herself with, Savin, Jack and Mark. They’re a true delight, and I enjoy how they’re like brothers/friends/colleagues

Trading Secrets is a solid and well driven book. The story-line is sound and enjoyable, and you get a glimpse of a world the majority of us only can dream of! I enjoy being a part of this world on paper but I wouldn’t want it to be my permanent life, haha. If you enjoy books surrounding the finance world then this is deffo your typa read!

Published: 2020

Genre: Psychological romance thriller

Theme: Secrets, finance, friends

– The Book Reader

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