The London Harry Potter Tour!

Oh my god you guys! I literally had THE most amazing experience yesterday! When I was home during Easter I talked to my parents about birthday presents. My birthday isn’t until August, but Harry Potter is in England, and I knew I was moving back to Norway on the 4th of June, so I was wondering if I could get my present early and go to Warner Bros Studios in Watford. What my parents decided was that they would give me money as an Easter treat and then I could spend it as I saw fit myself. And you can totally see where I went!!

Going from London is very easy. I took the tube to Euston and then the train directly to Watford where buses from the studio await. Bring cash, they don’t take cards on the bus. Arriving there was just amazing! Outside there is a long wall with so many Daily Prophet articles that you can spend several hours just reading those. When you enter you walk through a long corridor with several quotes from the movies and then you enter a cafeteria and see the souvenir shop! It is massive I tell you and I seems like you can get anything HP related in that store!

The Tour itself only has a guide for the two first rooms, which I thought was very nice because then you can move about at your own speed looking at things that particularly interest you. The Great Hall was amazing! It was somehow smaller than I expected, so the camera angles do a really good job in the movies haha. It was so weird and special to actually walk on the floor, along with the tables and see the big table at the end of the hall where the teachers sit! I was able to pick up a little-burned paper with our selected champion for the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Harry Potter ofc! From there you could look at special effects, costumes, animals, and so so much more! My favourite part was information about the animals who played Hedwig (my favourite animal from HP), Fang and Crookshanks. I also quite enjoyed looking into The Burrow, Dumbledore’s office and The Forbidden Forest! I got to meet Buckbeak which was very cool and he looked so lively, it was insane! Seeing the Hogwarts Express was also a highlight for me since, as an HP fan, I’ve always wanted to board it. As the bookworm I am I took a picture of Flourish and Blotts. I wanted to go in, but that wasn’t an option, so I settled for the next best.

This is is definitely an experience that hits the top three things I’ve done in my 23-year long life! I will be back when I’m not a student or at least have a steady income and room in my luggage because the souvenir shop got away way too easily this time! I can highly recommend this to anyone who has the slightest interest in the Harry Potter concept. Young and old alike will enjoy this so much and actually, yesterday I saw some quite grown up adults in cloaks running around with wands enjoying themselves to the fullest. So cool that they have such passion! I know several people I want to bring with me back so I can share the experience with them, like my brother, boyfriend and several friends.

If you get the chance, please, do go! You will not regret it. I was left almost speechless after my experience, and for those who know me, they know that that rarely ever happens!

– The Book Reader

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