Disney Princesses

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Happy Friday!

I was standing in the kitchen making dinner and my Disney playlist was playing on Spotify. First Touch the Sky from Brave came on, and then Belle from Beauty and the Beast, so I felt an urge to write my two favourite princesses, Merida and Belle! In my opinion, and I believe this is shared by a lot of others too, you never get too old for Disney or their princesses.

The things I like about Merida is first of all that she is Scottish! After watching Outlander I’ve really developed a love for most things Scottish! (If you haven’t watched Outlander I strongly recommend you give it a go). I’ve always liked Merida. I like that she does things her own way and follows her very adventurous spirit. She is headstrong, heh raise your hand if that sounds familiar!, willful and outgoing. I believe she is the first princess Disney has made that is both ginger and tomboyish. Behind her rough facade though is a soft person who loves her family and is passionate about what she believes in. I think my favourite part of the story, except for the scene where Touch the Sky is played, is when Merida enters the archery competition against her fathers will. Merida is smart and brave as well, which I assume is where the name of the movie came from. Merida also has a horse, Angus, and I would really love that!

Belle is a whole different character with some similar characteristics to Merida. It’s funny how I write that and then I start thinking about the statement and realize I’m kinda wrong. Anyway (well almost)! She stands out in the crowd of her local village because she likes to read and during the time the story is set in that wasn’t normal for a woman. One of my favourite features about her is that she is so passionate about books! I wouldn’t mind having the library that the Beast offers her either! I mean, can you even imagine all that space reserved for books?! I would be in heaven and never leave!

Belle is so gentle hearted, caring and the way she looks after her father, and then the Beast when he enters the picture, is so touching. She is funny and a little odd in her own way, but she doesn’t strike me as a freak in her society. She just has a few different views on her role in society and how she fits into it by following her own paths. Belle is adventurous too, but it is portrayed in a different way than Merida. Belle is also brave. It took much courage to exchange places with her father in the Beasts dungeon and standing up to Garçon when he tries to court and propose to her. Garçon is really a proper sleezebag! I love the way Belle turns him down in the movie, makes me laugh every time!

Who is your favourite princess(es)? I think it’s important to watch children’s movies even when you grow up. I know Disney has been accused of being racist and it took them forever (!) to create a princess who wasn’t white, but a lot of the core messages they portray is important to remember throughout your life no matter how old you get!

– The Book Reader


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