Living in London Vol.3 – Christmas

Hi guys!

Christmas is almost here and so much is happening in London before Christmas! Therefore, I thought I could give you some tips for later occasions or if you are coming to London before Christmas! There is so many markets, parties and different things to see, so one can’t cover it all, but what I will write about here is what I have done in this pre-Christmas time.

– Christmas light switch on in Covent Garden – This was such a pretty occasion! All of a sudden the whole area around us was lit up with lights and there is this big tree with more Christmas ornaments than you could ever count. Covent Garden is open while all of this is going on so you could go shopping or get some hot chocolate if you feel like it. I found some really nice decorations at Sass & Belle. They have so many pretty things in their store so I’m going back there on a later occasion.

– Winter Wonderland – This is such a big attraction you couldn’t even imagine! It is filled with rides and all different kinds of fun stuff to do! It is free, but I would highly recommend to take out cash before you enter the park. They don’t take card and the ATMs inside charges you £3 to do withdrawals. I spent most of my time walking around with my friend. We tried to enjoy mulled wine, but that wasn’t a success with any of us. The Belgian Waffle on the other hand was very good. The park plays carols, there is Christmas lights everywhere and if you want to you can go ice skating. I was impressed with how grand it was. It felt like it took forever to walk around the entire thing, but there were so much to look at that we were more than entertained. I understand very well why people have this as a annual thing to do before Christmas. Well worth a visit!

– London Street lights – London has the prettiest street lights I’ve ever seen! All the big streets have different decorations and it just creates a true feeling of Christmas. Some of them are a little bit over the top, but the majority is very nice. I enjoyed a Friday night walking with a friend looking at them, and even though it was cold we enjoyed ourselves very much. When you are looking at the Christmas lights you can also visit the Norwegian Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square. It has been a tradition since after the war that Norway sends a Christmas tree to London in gratitude for the British aid during the war.

– Portobello Road Market – This is a long street with small shops and stands lined along it. Some sell homemade things and you can buy everything from pans to books and stuffed animals. We arrived rather late so it was starting to pack down, but the whole atmosphere was so nice and it gives you a chance to see parts Notting Hill.

I think my favourite part of London in pre-Christmas time is that people are starting to get into the festive spirit. People travel to London from all over to shop and enjoy the fun before Christmas is here. I have lost count of how many times I’ve heard Norwegians, Swedes or Danish people speaking in the streets. I’ve been missing the snow, but this weekend we have a tiny amount of snow and it was so nice! It really boosted the Christmas spirit! I’m leaving for home on the 17th of December which is coming up so fast! I can’t believe that I’ve already been in London for three months. The time has just flown by and I can’t quite believe it!

– The Book Reader


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