Living in London Vol. 2 – Books and pubs

Hi guys!

This is a book blog so I will talk a little bit about that today since I went to the biggest ones on Saturday, but also I want to talk about some of the great pubs you can go to. There is so many of them here in London that I don’t think you can count them.

Foyle’s is located on Charing Cross Road and it is the biggest bookstore in the UK. It has 5-6 levels and you can find everything from children’s books to academic writings. They have a little section on both Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland – all in the respective languages of course. This is heaven for a book person like me. I think you can find almost whatever you need bookwise in that store, except for that one book that I needed, they were currently out of that one. That’s quite typical, isn’t it? You can buy stationary things and there is like I said a great selection of books and also music. It’s been some time since I’ve seen a CD. Wow, that made me feel old. The service is also really great. The people working at Foyle’s is dedicated to what they do and I was helped really quickly when I presented my request.

Waterstone’s, the biggest one, is located at Piccadilly Circus. Again, it is heaven for book lovers! It is 5 floors big and they have such a great selection of books and board games. When you shop here make sure that you get a Waterstone stamp card. I’m on my third by now, haha. Every time you purchase something for £10 or more they will stamp your card. After 8-10 stamps they take £10 of your last purchase which is really great! I have found so many great books at Waterstone’s and it rarely happens that they don’t have what I require, but that happened on Saturday. Saturday really wasn’t my day for books, was it….The people working at Waterstone’s in Piccadilly, Greenwich, Aberdeen and Windsor are super friendly and so helpful. If you like good service in your bookstore then I really recommend these places!

Marquis of Granby is my local pub in New Cross. It has great service, a shifting volume and style of music, it is a very relaxed atmosphere and most importantly – they show sport. I can now watch Arsenal on something else than my computer. The impression that I have of Marquis is that people are welcome no matter as long as you behave yourself. The other week when I was there I watched Norway actually winning against another team (to be honest that isn’t something that happens very often) and random people talked to us all through the game and I think it was really nice! Made some new friends which I’m always excited about! My preferred beer at Marquis is 1664 Kronenburg or Guinness and you get them at what I think is a good price. I’m still getting used to the prices over here, haha.

Wetherspoons is in Greenwich and I went there on Friday to meet up with an old friend of mine. This venue has more of a club feeling that a pub, but it isn’t exactly a club either so I would say it’s some kind of hybrid in between, but I really liked it. It’s a little bit more dressed up, but nothing extreme so there is nothing to freak out about. The music is good and it is at just the right volume so you can actually talk to each other without having to scream which is really nice! They serve things from liquor to wine and beer. Here as well I like the 1664 Kronenburg (it’s becoming a theme for me it looks like), but when I return next time I want to try the pitcher of mojito or Purple Rain!

Waxy O’Connor’s is another nice pub. This one is located in the city centre and close to Piccadilly Circus. This one is on the more noisy side of pubs, but I didn’t find it too noisy. When we were there it was a rugby game on and that’s really a sport I’ve never understood. It was pretty crowded and as we left there seemed to be more people coming in. It looked to be quite popular and it was quite a line to buy beer which normally is a good sign. They had a good beer selection. At this point, I had a Carlsberg and my friends had Guinness. There is something about being in a British pub with wooden floors that kind of creaks and a little low under the roof and a cosy atmosphere. I think I would really enjoy a Saturday night here.

I will be back with more about my London life!

– The Book Reader

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